Facebook is the DEVIL!

Hello all! it’s me yet again with another blog! This one might be a wee bit shorter than my other blogs, but we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, the title is self explanatory: Facebook truly is the devil. I’m a 90’s man, so ya’ll know I gotta take it back a little ways! Those of us from the year 1999 and below, remember the good old days when technology was…well, obsolete? Remember as a kid you’d wake up every Saturday morning and watch cartoons all day long? Maybe hit the pad for a little while and play Mario with your friends and cry when you lost Yoshi (I know I’m not alone!). Good times, right? Nobody cared about having sex or twerking or any of that foolishness. We were just being kids. Life was good until the first cell phone with texting came out in 2004-ish. That’s when the madness started.

I still remember the first Razor flip phones. I was in middle school when that happened. Those high a** phones hit the schools by STORM. Life was never the same again after that. Kids was texting dirty stuff to each other, sending naked pics, etc. Just like they do today except it’s a lot worse now. Then, when that wasn’t enough, in comes Myspace; the mother of Facebook. Now as a teenager, I wanted to be with the “in” crowd and get one, too. I NEVER really cared for Myspace like that. Mostly cause I didn’t have close friends (I was somewhat of a loner), but I also didn’t want to be in the midst of all that DRAMA. Besides, the name was too ironic. How was it called “my” space when everyone could SEE “your” space? It didn’t make sense to me. Anyway you know how high school is. If sex wasn’t unheard of back in elementary school days, it certainly made up for it in high school.

“Thrilla…why are you reminiscing? You’re supposed to be talking about why Facebook is the devil!”

Calm down! I was getting to it! The whole point of all of this is that we’re ALL are too dependent on technology. Think about all of the divorce rates back then and how low they were.  Teenage pregnancy was lower. Oh, how about clothing? I live in Florida and when I see females walking down the street, their clothes are so tight that I can’t tell if they’re adults or children. Something is wrong about that. Every time you log on Facebook, all you see are people arguing about something; some of those people are dead because of this. Life is bad enough, yet you see R.I.P on everybody’s page. Even worse, a lot of you right now allow your kids to log onto the same foolishness. But you wonder why your daughter is pregnant or your son is in a gang like everything is fun.

C’mon black/latin men and women, we have to do better (I say black and Latin ’cause we’re one in the same)! If you got the time to sit at a computer or on your phone all day wondering what people are posting, you should take a good look at yourself.

“Oh, my baby daddy postin’ pics of some Jordan’s, but can’t watch his kids!” or “Who’s that (Enter profanity here) in that picture with my woman/man?!”

STOP IT! First off, NO ONE GIVES A DA*N! Whoever you’re STALKING (because EVERYONE KNOWS Facebook is just legalized STALKING), people already know how they are without you putting your two cents in! If you feeling some type of way about a person, TELL THEM IN PERSON. Why does everyone else have to know? You wonder why so many people get killed from outside sources who really don’t know either party involved from a can of paint. Secondly, $t0p tyP1ing lyk3 th1$!! STOP IT! YOU’RE NOT A COMPUTER! Texting included! I’ve ignored so many messages like that. Third, DON’T ALLOW YOUR KIDS ON THIS FOOLISHNESS! ANY of your kids that aren’t 21 yet in your household should NOT be on it! Kids know too much as it is without any help from you or anyone else! Finally (which is the best one), be like me and either delete it or don’t make one at all! You got over 1,000,000 friends but you don’t know any of them. C’mon man. Most of us have only a handful of people we talk to on a regular.

“Nah…see…I play Farmville a lot. You know I HAVE to keep my crops growing!”


2. They have a FREE app for it now. Facebook linking is OPTIONAL.

3. STOP IT!!

I’ve been off Facebook for about a year now, and I must say, I feel a lot better. I don’t plan on returning for quite some time, if ever again. Some of you Facebook fanatics (ESPECIALLY the stalkers), just try it out. Don’t go on Facebook for a week and see how better you’ll feel. Don’t worry about what your ex is doing. Just relax. Try it out! Oh, one last thing, don’t go substituting Facebook for another demon (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.). Kind of destroys the whole point. Anyway, I’m out! Most High bless! See ya’ll next week!

P.S This post was longer than expected (lol).


Raise your kids

Hello all! It’s me again with yet another blog for the week. As promised, I told ya’ll I was going to get on the men this week (lol). The topic for this week is men who don’t raise their kids. I know a lot of women are just shouting, “Preach on, brother! Preach on!” Calm down! I am! Now, before I begin, I just want to say that I’m one of those illegitimate kids that never had a father in my life. The only father I had is the One in Heaven. Of course, like a lot of black families, my mother raised me. For the most part, she did well, though we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but that’s a different story.

I can’t really say if my life would’ve been any better with a father or not because there are a lot of fathers out there that ARE in their children’s lives but just simply aren’t doing what’s right to do (Joe Jackson anyone?). BUT I will say this: kids needs a father figure in their lives. In fact, I’ll take a step further: kids need a ROLE MODEL. Let’s be honest: most mothers are much too soft on their kids. Now there are some that will beat you like a drum (mine would), but for the most part, mothers let their kids get by with a lot. That’s all wrong. A lot of parents are their kid’s friends and let them do what they want to do (I’m not talking about adults) instead of disciplining them. But let a man do it. Chances are, those kids won’t be getting by with ANYTHING. Why? Cause a man is SUPPOSED to be the head of the household. He runs it all, not the woman. If a child is out of line, it’s HIS job to take care of it.

Women say: “Yeah, we know, but brothers out here don’t care! They wanna screw anything with a vagina and not take care of their responsibilities!”

That may be true with a lot of black men, but I want to briefly address the women who say that. Sometimes, it’s not all the man’s fault. Yes, I just typed that. I’ll do it again: SOMETIMES, IT’S NOT ALL THE MAN’S FAULT. Now ladies, those of you that have a child or children, let’s sit down and think for a second. Before you got pregnant, what attracted you to that man? 99% of the time, it was his looks, his money, his charm, or something superficial like that. Ever heard of that song, “Beauty is Only Skin Deep” by the Temptations? The title speaks for itself. You have to look at someone’s heart to understand who they truly are. Am I saying that you should be with someone you’re not physically attracted to? No, not at all. BUT I am saying you should be wise about WHO you choose. When that man was texting all on his phone or looking at Facebook (which is the DEVIL for relationships…that’s for next week’s topic), glancing at other women, or hardly ever spent time with you BEFORE you got pregnant, chances are, they weren’t the one for you anyway.

“Yeah, but my man wasn’t like that from the start! He was gentle, sweet, and he treated me right!”

I understand, but think about that too. What drove him away? Gong back to the women again briefly, you have to understand that a lot of things men say aren’t the truth. You got to avoid those lies. Read my last blog and you’ll see what I’m saying. Now back to the men. I’m jus going to come out and say it: I HAVE NO RESPECT for men who don’t take care of their kids. I’m not talking to the ones who are putting in the effort. I respect men who don’t have a lot but are at last trying to take care of their kids. I’m talking to the ones who REFUSE to. Most of them, they can’t stand the baby mama. But I have a question for us men with kids: if you knew you weren’t going to have her as a wife, why didn’t you use a condom?

“Man, that sh*t broke, homie. You know how it is when you’re “in there!””

Yeah, I do, but I’m not stupid. An orgasm isn’t worth eighteen years of your life to take care of something that you didn’t want in the first place. That child is apart of YOU now. He/she didn’t ask to be here. There’s a reason why the Most High didn’t want the woman to raise the household. A father’s role is to direct their kids on the right path to go on. Look at the youth today: pant’s sagging down to the ground, tight clothes that show it all, homosexuality (you don’t REALLY believe that stuff is genetic, do you?), shoot, now days, you see a woman’s stomach before you see her face because she’s pregnant! ALL of that is wrong. I guarantee that kids that do those things DON’T have a father. Or if they do, not a very STRONG one.

All in all, take care of your kids, brothers. You don’t know what gift God gave that child or what they will become. A child needs guidance from his/her father. When you’re not there, not only are you going against what God has done, you’re denying the life He gave to them. If you don’t like the baby’s mother, that’s fine, but don’t let the child suffer because of that. Those of you that are married, stay together. What God brought together, let no man separate (Mark 10:9). WORK through your problems. Set an EXAMPLE for your children. Husbands, treat your wives as you would yourselves; wives, respect your husbands and KEEP QUIET. I can’t stress that enough. The children are truly our future. Most High bless you! See you all next week!

an education: wasted energy.

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UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s)

You wait at home and then one day you get a college degree that comes in the mail. You get it in the mail because what they give you at the graduation ceremony is a blank sheet of paper. You get a blank sheet, but that’s if you had even gone. You never even got the blank sheet of paper. You get your college degree in an envelope at your parent’s house. And this should be it. You’ve finally made it, finally, right?

After years of waiting, working, waiting, waiting…

You remember grade school, your teacher telling you to finish college, that you’re so smart and not to waste your gifts. Your teacher tells you that you can go to college and be whatever you want when you grow up, and all the kids hate you because, why you? Why are you going to get to go to college and…

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The Difference Between Sexy and Sex-See

Hello all! It’s me again, back with a new blog. I was going to wait until tomorrow to do this one, but I have a little down time on my hands today, so why not, right? Riiiiight.

            Anyway, as the title suggests, I want to tell you all my opinion of the two. Yes ladies, this means I’m talking to you this week. I’ll get on us men next week, I promise. Everywhere on TV, you see women flaunting around stage or in movies with nothing but a towel on thinking it’s sexy. NO, not at all. That’s SEX-SEE. I know what you’re thinking ladies: “But thrilla, I thought men LIKED us women with barely anything on? That’s the only way we can give you all our attention!” Yes and no. Yes, we like it because we’re men. Of course women parading around in nothing but their birthday suits is going to turn us on. HOWEVER, I disagree with being naked as the only way to get our attention.

You see ladies, we’re not as shallow as you may think we are. Sure, we love sex, but I want you all to think about two things:

1. Let’s use an example: Say you’re one of those women that don’t mind flaunting what you got. I’m talking about the type of woman Carl Carlton sang about (look him up on you tube for the reference, it’s an old song). In your mind, you’re the best thing since sliced bread and all the men are looking at you. You’re only half-right though. Sure, they’re looking at you, but for the wrong reasons. We don’t think you’re sexy; we SEE SEX. Even worse, us men automatically assume three things when you dress like that: A. You’re easy to get B. You’ve “been around” the block a few times (ties in with A)  or C. You’re a hooker. That’s just how it is.

“F*ck you, thrilla! You don’t know nothing! If a man thinks he’s getting some, he can look another way! I did this for ME. I KNOW I look good! Haters can kiss my *ss!”

Calm down! I’m only telling you all this from a DECENT man’s point of view. I can tell you’re still not convinced. This brings me to my second opinion:

2. Okay, let’s bring in your current/ex boyfriend, or father. They’re men, so they already know how  other men think. Now, in saying that, let’s be honest: WHAT man do you know of wants their woman to go out in public still wearing the stripper costume she wore for him last night, ESPECIALLY without him? Go ahead, I’ll give you a minute. NONE (unless they’re one of those men who likes sex a little TOO much. It happens). Think about it: why DON’T they want you to go out like that? I’ll admit, in some cases, it’s insecurity. There are men out there that worry that their woman will cheat on them if given too much attention from the wrong guys. Unfortunately, that does happen. But most of it is because we don’t want any men getting ideas that you’re available.

           When you already have a man that you know truly loves you, why ruin that with another that only approached you because your skirt is too short? That’s why I see a lot of women saying black men ain’t s*it. I agree to an extent, but ONLY the ones YOU’RE attracting, not ALL of us. Just because a man gives you a compliment, that doesn’t mean his intentions are always good. If his eyes are wandering while he talks to you, chances are, he thinks you’re SEX-SEE. He likes what he sees and wants sex. If you fall for him and he’s black, don’t go writing on Facebook saying black men ain’t s*it. You only have yourself to blame.

“True, true. I get what you’re saying, but what about being just plain sexy?”

            I was just getting to that! Just recently, I found out about a black woman named Dorothy Dandridge. If none of you know who she was, I’d advise you to do a google search. She was a black woman who lived in the 1950s that unfortunately died from an overdose. I don’t want you all to focus on what she did, but how she looked. When you see her pictures, you won’t find her in some lingerie or in a dress showing off her assets. Even her bathing suits were one pieces. Despite of her beauty, she REFUSED to be the sex symbol that Hollywood wanted her to be. Guess what? She was still considered sexy WITH HER CLOTHES ON. She didn’t have to take off anything to prove herself. She proved to the world that she was more than just a plaything. Now what sounds better ladies: being remembered for who you are or what you looked like? Ask yourselves that before you post pictures on Instagram with your cleavage out.

           In fact, I have an experiment for you ladies. What I want you to do is go out and wear the most revealing thing you have for an hour. Go to a public place like the mall and just walk around. Notice how many men approach you or look at you (REMEMBER: DON’T FALL FOR THEIR TRICKS! Trust me, I used to be one of those men). Now, once the hour has passed, go home and change into something much more presentable. Wear LIGHT makeup (DON’T GO CRAZY WITH IT) and go back out in public. See how things change. NOW, if a man STILL wants to approach you after that, hold on to him. A man like that is attracted to you because he thinks you’re SEXY, not SEX-SEE. After that, reel him in with your personality (contrary to belief, sex won’t keep us men. You know that, right? Heck, I’LL admit to that). in conclusion, just remember this Bible verse:

Proverbs 31:10-31- “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.”

Thank you, and may God bless! See you all next week!

Query letter for my novel, “The Legend of Mack the Knife”

Hello again! I know that I promised that I was going to post only once a week on wordpress, but those of you who read my first blog (you have read it, right?), I told you that I’m trying to achieve status as an author. One problem though: I didn’t show proof of it other than the name! What shame! So, in order to make up for that mistake(and to show you how serious I am), I want you all to see the query letter I turned in to a few agents/publishers. This should give you a quick little summary about my novel! Enjoy!


Dear (whomever)


                Meet Willie MacHeath, the main protagonist of the story. Born on October 3rd, 1908, he is a depressed, fifty-four year old, African American man that currently resides in the sunny hills of California with his daughter Catalina; an eleven year old girl of Afro-Mexican descent. Faced with high success and a notorious past, he struggles each day from guilt of all that he has done; even worse, he worries about his past life catching up to him in the form of payback. One day as he is cleaning out his closet, he notices his mother’s old scrapbook that he inherited from her over thirty years ago.

As he takes a stroll down memory lane, a large metal object falls from the back of the book. To his horror, the object in question is his father’s old World War One trench knife-the very weapon of choice Willie used during his escapades. Though the knife brings ill memories for Willie, he blocks them by reminiscing about the better times in his life, starting from the very beginning. Throughout the story, he talks about several topics he has been through in his life while growing up in Chicago: racism, World War I, The Great Depression, his mother’s dependence on prostitution, Prohibition, his love life, and of course, the murders he’s committed; all of this for a chance at the good life.

As the years pass, his hopes and dreams of having a worry-free life like his father wished are slowly crumbling before him by a society that never gave him the opportunity. Having nothing else to lose, he, along with allies Cutter (an older, mysterious, semi-retired mercenary emigrated from Italy, serving as mentor) and Juan (a religious, English-speaking, Mexican immigrant looking for a better life) begin their lives of debauchery, controversy, and scandal for the next twenty years.

Inspired by Louie Armstrong’s rendition of “Mack the Knife”, this completed Mystery and Suspense/Drama novel of over 82,000 words places you in the very heart of Willie’s thoughts and emotions. One has to wonder: Is he a bad man, or a good one with bad decisions? How much are he and his allies willing to sacrifice to survive a dream that only white, American-born people could accomplish? It’s up to you to find the answers. Thank you for your consideration.

My Introduction/The Mind of a 23 Year Old

Hello all! As you can see, this is my first blog, so bear with me (lol). As the title says, I’m going to be taking you through the mind of a twenty-three year old, African American male; specifically, yours truly. Sounds scary, right? As I type this, I know what you’re thinking: oh, he’s just some “gang banger” with eleven baby mommas, pants hanging down to his ankles, has no formal education, smokes more than a chimney, just got out of jail, and likes chicken, right? WRONG. Oh, so WRONG (I do like chicken though…).

Just like some of you believe, I fully agree that not only black youth, but youth all over the world is completely jacked. No morals, no respect, no knowledge. You see, I’ve learned these facts at an early age. When I was in high school and in my first year of college, everyone around me was partying, having babies, selling drugs, and using the word “swag” like its the only noun in the world. I, however was part of the one percent that thought ALL of that was retarded. I see nothing wrong with having a good time and enjoying life, but I DO have a problem with how you decide to express it. And smoking weed, getting women pregnant and can’t/not take care of the kid(s), or selling drugs for a living doesn’t exactly classify as having a “good time” in my book.

I say all of this NOT too boost myself up to make you think I’m above anyone, but to genuinely express my concern. It’s a shame that decent black men (yeah, we’re out there) can’t even find a decent girlfriend our age without her being out in the clubs too much, having no respect for herself or for me, or have more children to open a small orphanage (I love kids though, but you see, there’s a problem with your baby daddy. You know, the one that threatened to shoot my house up if I came near you. Yeah, him). Of course, there’s two sides to a coin: we as black men need to change too.

Hopefully by now, I’ve convinced you that I’m not you’re average young adult. From now on, I plan to write at least one blog a week covering a few issues that I think needs to be addressed by a black youth like myself. I enjoy jazz music, learning about the world, playing a few computer games or two, but writing is my passion.

Currently, I just finished my first fiction novel entitled, “The Legend of Mack The Knife”, based on Louis Armstrong’s rendition of “Mack the Knife” that was recorded in the 1950’s, which I hope to publish this year God willing. Other than that, I’m living life one day at a time, trying to reach my goal of becoming one of the greatest writers to ever live. Also, follow me on Twitter @THRILLADAuthor for my book updates, random posts, and Q&A from time to time. Speaking of Q@A, if you have any questions about me, my book, or just need advice, email me at shouriju@yahoo.com (it’s a weird email, I know. Long story). ONLY send questions, as I will post them on my Twitter along with my response. Cheers!

Hello all! I'm a 23 year old, aspiring African American author determined to make you smile, laugh, and at times, be in your feelings. All of this and more with just my words alone. You will join me, won't you? ;)